Boat Wrapping

Born in the automotive world, wrapping has found its natural use and application also in the marine industry.


Today you can change the color of your boat by choosing from unlimited shades and textures, or choose special finishes such as carbon, wood or leather of every type and shade. The very high quality 3M adhesive film protects the covered area, creating a waterproof barrier that makes the boat look modern and always new.


The 3M adhesive film will protect the "wrapped" area, creating an impermeable barrier that will protect the original paint of the boat and at the same time will allow for a vehicle that meets your tastes and needs.


The application is quick and convenient and replaces laborious and expensive painting jobs without compromising on the choice and color combinations. All the preparation and masking work of the boat will no longer be necessary (the complete change of color of a 25 mt motor yacht  in good condition requires about seven days of work).


3M films resist washing, salinity and atmoscferic agents and does not undergo color changes (fading / opacification). In case of superficial scratches of the film, the repair will be done by simply replacing the film in the damaged area.


Furthermore, the removal of the film is quick and easy and will leave the original color and paint intact.


Wrapping allows to personalize not only the entire external part of the boat (dead-work, deck, cockpit, rollbar etc) but also the interiors. The entire furniture of your boat can be renewed and protected using films. The "Interior Wrapping" is convenient (a complete change of color costs infinitely less than the same work done with traditional painting techniques), fast and can be performed with the boat in the water. The application of the film does not produce unpleasant odors and it will not be necessary to completely dismantle the furniture (it will be sufficient to disassemble doors and front of the drawers).


Change your boat without changing the boat.


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