C.Boat 28mt​

A spectacular refit for this C.Boat motor yacht that has changed from a worn-out "Bordeaux" color to a bright and bright Beige. A real touch of class for a timeless design boat.

Abbate Primatist 46​

We used 3M "blue midnight" film on the original gelcoat that was ruined by time and had scratches and some damage. Thanks to this technique we have achieved an exceptional result, brilliant and refined in every detail.

Yatch Airon Marine 43-t

The owner was fed up with the red color, faded by time and by the wear of atmospheric agents. The glossy white film with gray details certainly makes it more modern and fashionable.

Fratelli Aprea 7.50

The original gelcoat had faded in several places. We applied a 3M Blue Boat film with ivory details to bring it back to its original splendor.

Shaft 34

The bodywork of this boat was really bad. We proceeded to carry out a filling, sanding, priming and finally we applied a 3M Black Matt Film.

Farmacie Eufrate

Restyling of 2 pharmacies of sale to match them with company colors. Of course only 3M films.

Mazzara - Via Sciuti


For this customer we have carried out a complete restyling work in collaboration with the parquet installer.

Using only 3M films all the panels have changed from a beige color to Gloss white while the sales counters have been coated with the 3M Di-Noc Film.

Porsche 911 Carrera S

Total wrapping for this wonderful 911. Of course only 3M films.

Chicco (cc Poseidon)

This restyling is part of a global refit plan for all Chicco Italia stores. This was our second job entrusted to us by this customer, this time at the Poseidon shopping mall in Carini (PA).

Teleottica Carla

Restyling of an Optician shop completed in 3 days with 3M Di-Noc and 3M 1080 Film. More than 70 flat colors (glossy / opaque / etc.) And more than 700 finishes Wood, Leather, Fabric, Carbon, Metal are available in the 3M catalog

Manò 38.50

Hi-Tech touch for this Manò 38.50 wrapped with an aluminum color band using 3M 1080 Gloss White Alluminium Film.

Fiat Scudo FreeIce

FreeIce has chosen Palermo Wrapping for the branding of its fleet of vehicles. Choosing wrapping instead of the classic stickers means investing in the image of your company.

Attention to detail, 3M films officially guaranteed and a perfect installation offer an exceptional result

Manò 22.50

The original painting was totally opaque, a further polishing would last a few months. The 3M "Blu Boat" film has given back the shiny blue "hiding" even those small imperfections given by the mold during the hull production.


Restyling (from white to black) of a 130sqm shop completed in 2 days. Due to the change of brand, a quick change of image was necessary to install the colors of the new company. Thanks to the adhesive films, the shop closing time could be reduced to a minimum. work progressed until late in the evening (no noise, no smell, no drying time, etc.). Available more than 70 flat colors (glossy / opaque / etc.) And more than 600 finishes Wood, Leather, Fabric, Carbon, Metal, Customized, etc.



This piano was no longer matched with the new furniture in the house. A short work (about 4 hours) and it was again in line with the rest of the furniture.

Chicco (Calatafimi)

Super Fast Restyling for a city store of Chicco. 


Algida has chosen Wrapping for the restyling of its fleet of vehicles.

Work done with 3M Envision 480 film, an extraordinary film totally PVC Free, which gives a new image with an eye on the environment!


Color change for the interiors and instrument panels of a Marlin 38, with 3M Di-Noc film. Thanks to Wrapping we have renewed the interiors from a classic cherry wood to a very modern larch color. All instrument panels and frames were wrapped with 3M carbon look film.

Interior Refitting

Internal refit for this sailboat. Wrapping with 3M Di-Noc film of the frames of the skylights, paneling and parts of fixed furniture. Filming of old and oxidized mirrors with 3M Fasara Silver1 Mirror Film.

Power Fit Gym

A nice restyling of the interiors (furniture and doors), of the windows and signs for this gym. Wrapping carried out during opening hours, not even a minute of closing the activity. 3M films, of course. Only the best for those who choose Quality!

Kitchen C.

At 09.30 this 5mt kitchen was wengè color, at 16.30 it became white gloss. 7 hours for a complete makeover! 3M films. Quick work, no noise, no bad smell, possible return to the original color, only with Palermo wrapping!

Pasticcia & Impasta

We started from an empty box, we assisted the customer from graphic design to furniture finishing. Strips on the walls, change of color of the furniture, change of color of the refrigerator-windows, signs, showcases and decoration of shop windows.


Fiart Marea 20

Color change for this open boat with 3M 1080 Film.

Interior Refitting Bavaria

Renovating the interiors of a boat with traditional methods means a great waste of time and a great deal of money. We have refitted the 2 cabins of this sailboat with the 3M Di-Noc film, during a short stop (in the water) between one charter and another.

Sun Odyssey 42i

Striping and Lettering with 3M 1080 Matt White film for this sailboat

Fleet Branding

Fleet branding with customized 3M IJ180 Film.

Dash Panel

Dash panel covering with 3M Di-Noc Carbon Look Film and porthole bulkhead with 3M Di-Noc Matt White.

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